From #1: The Queen of Jupiter is expecting the child of a Ring Mine slave while the Overlords of the outer planets were pointedly silent.

In the 8 and a half months it took to reach Saturn, the overlords were startled to find Jupiter’s Queen heavily pregnant. The shock of an impending new birth in the Earth system, of a high female mother, unlikely that of an overlord implanter, allowed Jeyp to slip past the guards, yet another balded and shaved slave miner in transit to the outer belt; while his lover claimed ignorance. We shall see, said the overlord doctor Grett, peeling his 3 fingered scaled hand from her telling bluge. It appears to be from a man, he later confided in the Lord High Comptroller who just nodded.

Jeyp and his mine crew were unloaded out the asteroid ship’s port, the behemoth of a vessel glided silently over the debris of Saturn’s inner rings. What was precious here wasn’t gold or palladium – metals had no purpose to the overlords, only biological material, from which to produce more mine slaves. An overlord could survive in space’s vacuum and when they grew old, their brains were pumped with chemicals and their organs gutted – these served as bio-controllable space suits for the miners. Thousands of years was the average lifespan of these lizard kings, who had been exploring space for millennia. Jeyp had been allowed his manhood as he controlled a female biosuit. Not many of those were in use or available and their purpose was to coordinate the mining. He smiled as the thick greasy flesh sealed around his stripped body – another day at work with the ‘wife’, as he and hundreds of others dropped onto the rings. He could feel his senses heightened, to sniff out proteins and DNA embedded in the dirty space ice.

The overlord of Jupiter, Prince Gppe, rotated the gel ball in his webbed hand. He could touch it so softly that the soft orb barely compressed. It was a sea creature – a form of shell-less crab that connected with overlords across the Earth System which it was programmed to do. Through fear, the overlords had achieved galaxy spanning telepathy without having to sacrifice their bodies and minds. Reading the incandescence of the agitated crab, he grew uneasy in his triple linked hearts. His wife was with child. Gppe wondered of the father – and he fantasized about implanting her himself. Indeed, it was the aim of the overlord priests that every human male look and feel the same way towards their masters, and though some left to breed, it would be regulated tightly. Meanwhile females existed for pleasure – they were highly amusing and almost overpowering to the overlord mind, weeded and reseeded, thousands of queens and princesses kept order over the male slaves while their daughters, duchesses and ladies played in spacious gardens, oblivious to the machinations of the princes.

The slave miners had a religion. It was one borne of idleness – a thing that sets in from the immeasurable duration of inactivity aboard ship after ship – to touch an alien creature and become one with it, to trust flesh against the harshness of space, and yet to survive. It was something the overlords expected and used to their advantage – that one day a breeding male might implant their Queen.

The caverns of the asteroid ships were like the catacombs once under Paris. Nobody knew how long they reached and all the twists and turns, over the upper chambers, the lower cesspools – nothing was wasted – the ultrasonic cry of space bats drew the enchanter from his stasis rest. He smiled, we have one, he wisped to the winged rodent. It was inevitable that the rule of the overlords would spawn a rebellion, that their benign hand would force it into an undercurrent – something they could control. To beget a human prince was a small victory. Moses, he wisped again, drawing from his vape device, the immortality drugs they secretly brewed from the overlord’s sewage. He had been living in torture for almost 800 years for this moment. The smoke permeated his raw and burning organs.


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