In part #2, the world of the overlords is described, their mysterious nature still leaves much to be revealed as hope is born to the rebellion.

Chantry danced within the crystal gel gardens, her brown skin unclothed, watched by the reptillian palace guards. Soft breezes of gauze-like mist tautened her breasts, her supple, perfect form rotating in low G for the eyes of the overlords. Prince Sppynne could resist himself no longer, his phallus articulated erect, gonads spilling heavily from their pouch. Grabbing her, he thrust his bony manhood into her, immediately ejaculating his impotent half-human seed deep within. Chantry gasped as he withdrew his angular penis bone, clasping at his tough, muscular skin. They kissed, both his tongues and razor sharp teeth arousing her animal instinct. This was god and he loved her.

Rules permeated the empire of the overlords. Rules based on logic and the capabilities of the body. Consensuality meant immediate gratification. Love was complete submission. Pleasure was the anticipation of love complete. Chantry held the prince’s retreating gonads preventing them from enclosing again as he shuddered with deep and powerful emotions. Worship by women was what they craved yet the arrival of their queen would soon lend purpose to the lose system of control the overlords had laid out. Sppynne knew his purpose – to be the genetic link that would fulfill their messianic religion. No more would their bodies be clad in scales, no more would they obey the rules of pleasure and no more would they enslave for the sake of beauty – the ultimate judgement. Pride coursed through the prince as he pulled her hand away and retracted his organs. You don’t know what you do, he told her, oversized man-like hands caressing her jawl pursed in pure love, his thick spaceworthy skin arousing the her inner beast. Why did she not understand the purity of sex – this race so young and oft renewed.

Why Jeyp? Why? Who is that, he whispered afraid. Welcome your son, a mighty warrior and prince of Jupiter. The dream faded like a rolled up poster as he sat up awake before the others. All dreams were from God – the ever more distant calling of the deity who once made man on the Earth. They knew, because His power failed upon the arrival of the overlords, who erase all man’s dreams and delighted in the lusts of women, though no woman was permitted to dream in an man – it was too erased. Far away, a voice called out – take the child from Gppe before he finds him and deliver him to Earth. There a throne awaits the Lord of Jupiter and there shall coalesce his power over this system. Jeyp fell to his knees and prayed. Deliver the boy from harm oh Lord, he is not spaceworthy and never will be. Save him from the covenant of the overlords. Shield him from the reptilian Prince. But the light was fast fading, beneath the thick leathery hides of the masters, and their slow but weighty thoughts – the dull urgency of their triple hearts which could stop and start beating on their own. Jeyp cried a silent cry. What have you done to us!


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