Money, wealth, and success : uneasiness. concern. and loneliness
Poverty, charity, and labor of love : freedom. hope. and admiration

Man does not live by bread alone … we have all heard that but Jesus wouldn’t let his followers leave hungry. Is there a magic sweet spot or balance between the narrow gate that leads to the good life and one foot on the wide path to perdition? Think about being free of the ways of the world and what it means for your life, job and relationships.

I bought an electric scooter today. Woke up early and took a train to the bank hq in Kuala Lumpur. It’s crazy racking in thousands of ringgit a year and not spending half of it on a pair of decent wheels. I know dad bought me a budget metro car but is the freedom of a bike and the open road what really calls me? Let’s find out : )


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