I am wearing my keffiyeh with my cutoff jeans and scaly green sleeveless tee again. After some time of belting up with a saffron sash, I decided to be brave and do the thing that Jesus was proud of – confronting the Islam issue. I went out like this, this morning, after an hour of disciplined work and exercise, and got a generic bmx style sports helmet, cheapish. Knocking it with my fists, I can feel it optimally protects side impacts, or grazes, not smashing headlong or backwards into a hard object. As luck would have it, my supplier of electric scooters is out of stock – just like the rugby barbarian ball, the Ninebot One, and the Leatherman Squirt multitool. I don’t know if someone is screwing my purchases or if business is on a tightrope for some folk, but I should be able to go electric next week. In fact, on Monday, I have to be at Tropicana by late afternoon. I guess I’ll have to walk.

… Reading the news. Fed interest rate hikes and Trump’s jobs for everyone. Both are doing the same thing – cutting debt while pursuing their objectives. Many years ago, I wrote [elsewhere] that debt was the main problem in America. If debt is cut appreciably, then wages and employment get a boost from higher interest rates. This strategy doesn’t work everywhere but in America, the land of opportunity, dragging the world along with great strides, and effectively taxing the very rich and smart seem like a good idea : /

… Mind powers gathered from America, asking about prophecy. My family wants and seems to know that it is in the things I buy. I told them, prophecy is more in the mind and body than in goods – in fact more in services – than things people buy, or possess. But anyway, I told them the 5 prophetic things I have, pertaining to my life:

  • A pair of safety glasses, sharpie marked – a “second sight” or 3rd eye aid
  • A loincloth – my garment during the prophetic time
  • A cheap rugby ball – the game people like me will play in prophetic times
  • A big mug – to take food, stimulant drinks, or rations from in my group family
  • And finally, charcoal sticks and grey pastels – to sketch a lover or friend

In effect, I don’t need any of these things – they will be given. Having them in advance is nice as I am suffering from telepathy still occasionally. None are expensive, costing about 60 USD in total. But those days are still many years away or so I reckon.

… Rethinking my pack and its items which I bought for survival. Remembering God said to travel light but that I bought many things in advance. Thinking of doing even less laundry – wearing sports attire, saving myself from weekly jeans and towel washes – by taking less baths every day.

… Sitting here in damp Nike dri-fits at 5am. They dry off up to 3 hours. May not go out as planned. Ate chilies and ramen for breakfast and drank coffee and tea. Short of doing drugs, msg, caffeine, and spiciness are my only comforts against the incessant telepathy. Managed to loo and exercise. Don’t feel like doing my tweeting job much anymore, under oppression of masers.

… Following on from the prophetic things, it’s odd that one would need a large cup. Surely these are cheap? How would I possibly not be given one? Maybe I join a rebellion and am fed by proxy? Why do I wear a loincloth? Right now I’m sitting at my PC in hi-tech fabrics. Maybe I work in a brothel or a harem : / And finally, I play rugby? Does everyone have to join a club in the end times? Curious notions. But I packed these up anyway, in lieu of more _useful_ things : / – possibly the trend starts with me : )


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