In part #3, we saw that the overlord’s religion and man’s religion were at odds but can the invaders be repulsed? And will it stain the psyche of humanity forever?

It had been 16 years since the birth of the messiah, lord Jupiter. Prince Gppe had hoped to meet the young man, returning by clipper shuttle to Earth – to the temple of the Overlords, in New Babylonia – the garden city which half hung over the dry shrubland, out of the wispy clouds. His wife, he sent in advance to a penthouse in the upper walls, guarded by his most loyal knights. The subtle manipulations of human genetics – to bring out the reptilian brain and the aquatic nature of man, how would these manifest in young lord Jupiter? Would he have the logic to lead and seed worthy of their queen? Gppe’s thoughts as he lay in stately stasis as the shuttle glided past Mars.

The Lord High Comptroller hovered above the slim, naked and quivering young man. He placed his thick palm on his newly laser shaven head and christened him Lord Lyr, born of Queen Esthre, wife of Prince Gppe, the King of Jupiter. Sweat flowed down Lyr, and somehow his eyes were watering. Kym, high priestess of the queen looked on expectantly, her serpentine form writhing sensually. They caught your father and castrated him, she hissed, No! lyr exclaimed, Never! What are your traits? – she circled the defeated Lord of Jupiter – reveal them to me, the high priestess produced a small pink orb which began to talk to his inner mind. Duel with me, son of man. Show me your scales! The voice of the overlord queen. Are you here? He asked, afraid. Where is my father? Where is my mother? Did you think we would commit such a mistake except on purpose? the queen laughed. Now come to the doors and see what I am. Kym withdrew the orb and the Comptroller lifted his fingers from Lyr’s head. He stumbled forth, weak and tired from interrogation after interrogation. The double doors to the queen’s chamber swung apart and he saw her comely silhouette veiled in vapor and beaded nets. Come, she said, look at me and do as your heart tells you. Kym and the other priestesses formed a circle as Lyr stumbled towards the gel throne. Strands of thick goo covered the queen’s nest and her transulcent scaled body, like spider silk stretched and drawn from her nipples and vagina. He took her secretions and tasted them – it was like cotton candy – in his mind, he knew her seduction, but the law – the constant far away throbbing of the priestesses’ ponderous minds lured him towards her embrace. Just like your father, like every man we make, she said to herself.

Jeyp felt no pain. No loss. A small hole remained though which he could still urinate but not even a scar was left to show he was once a man. He felt happy and free, one like all the others. He prayed – he had once the sin of pride, of looking at other men in an unacceptable, superior way. He praised the overlord god and their queen. Make me one again with your flesh, he pleaded, with your slow, loving, hearts. Take me over, I was wrong, so wrong … he did not almost hear the unsheathing of a long dagger behind him. Is it time? No, it was 2 daggers. The overlord Gppe stood behind his knelt form. This one cut you off, said the reptilian prince. Now take the other and strike me down. The daggers were a foot and a half long and forked like their makers’ tongues. They were large beings, moving deliberately and gracefully with strength, unlike the feeble jerking and twitching of men, but Jeyp had an advantage – he was a mine suiter. The daggers interlocked, twisting free, grinding sparks along their rare alloy edges. Gppe shoved Jype around with a swing of his arm. Preternaturally, the newly castrated slave spun the long dagger behind his back deflecting the strong thrust which nevertheless slashed his side. Ahh! he gasped falling to his knees. Another strike towards his throat. Jype blocked with both hands on the blade. He crumpled to the floor but twisted free stabbing out at Gppe’s ankle. The forked tip drawing a spurt of overlord blood. Gppe laughed. A worthy fighter. Doctors attended to them both pulling them apart. Such was the law of battle. It is fair to end a fight until the life blood is drawn on both sides. It is unfair to lose, unfair to submit, unfair to pull ones’ punches for the body decides and the heart is stronger than the mind. It forgives, by the blood it pumps, by the lust of battle. You have won something you lost, Gppe limped out the chamber. Jype pressed on the double cuts on his ribs, heaving heavily.


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