As I went through yesterday, and through today so far, I realized that I am all dressed up with nowhere much to go. Jesus once told me clothes are your beliefs. How you want others to see you and what you think your ideal self is – those are your dress choices!

I had bought numerous clothes but Jesus only approved of one set – the rest are not important. And I wondered if that cuts me off from places I should be. What is the analogy of “place to go”? Salvation? Temptation? Well, after some thinking, I found that a place to go means a calling – a reason – a directive [from upon high]. I have no prophecy to fulfill beyond maybe educating a few grown men and women here on WordPress – should I hashtag that ; ) but still it’s nice to be somewhere, and being too dumb to follow my nose, maybe I should be dragged by my garish attire. It would be interesting to see how I’m treated – usually with some exclamation. What hearts you set afire with your beliefs is evangelism without intrusion. Interesting?

… My scooter isn’t here yet. There’s definitely telepathy involved. I had a vision of men in black suits inspecting my ride and putting hexes on it. But then the hex peeled free, floating above, zapping several homes and businesses in Batu Caves before drifting east past Bentong today towards Kuantan. What are our bomoh doing? I also found out that people selling things in these end times observe the 8 laws of business – at least for Chinese sellers. I have 7 so far. Does that mean I can expect my item … : /

  • Rapport with seller – same basic upbringing
  • Not liking to show off – disgraces the product / seller
  • Being rich in the heart – bears risk
  • Being needy in the pocket – indebted
  • Behaving politely – same culture
  • Respecting  your country – who rents the land
  • Naturally careful – not reckless / a danger man
  • ? – it’s “how I eat / grab stuff” – I joined a life journey meditation event last night

All these are seen through smoke and mirrors. YMMV : )

… Woke up before 2am this morning. Mom was watching the TV downstairs again. Washed and wore my dri-fit kit. Waiting for clothes to dry when you need them is anti-survival. Another thing is not having formal attire to gain access to a safe place, or rough clothes to break a sweat in; as well as something smart casual to be polite : )

… Found out that I can motivate myself out of the telepathy web of doing nothing. My body fitting Nike kit gets me exercising more regularly, and I’ve switched to a Twitter news feed for my economic analysis work. Scrolling my tweet stream is more intuitive than paging links and headlines. My learning mandarin is also better. I have a software notepad where I type out raw definitions, still looked up manually in a dictionary. I can now analyse whole sentences’ subtleties at a glance while interacting with the zhi.


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