There must be a couple more things I need to get, now that I have wheels [on the way]. I think there can’t be more than a dozen basic things I’ve missed. Some of them I already have or can improvise, like the 5 prophetic objects I mentioned last post.

  1. Toiletry innovations – to get my butt clean less wastefully
  2. Rain poncho – I already have one but it’s cheap
  3. eMac repair – to run my Adobe Publishing Collection
  4. Piano instruction – to move both hands fully independently
  5. A Fú – some protection against evil ‘spirits’
  6. Bacardi – for a good knockout sleep once a week
  7. Heal insomnia damage – I guess partially by diet, rest, and weight control
  8.  Skincare [lotions] – my skin is badly hit by telepathy
  9. Good sexual health – telepathy is on where the sun don’t shine
  10. Healthier food – like bean salad, olives, peppers, and home-baked bread
  11. Spa treatment – to sauna off water retention and tan evenly
  12. Tasty snacks / drinks – something other than chocolate, tea, and coffee

I guess that’s it. What would really make my life better are not really possessions but things that nourish, pamper, build spirit, and heal but getting them all done on a budget will definitely be creative! Luckily we have the internet!

… Solar heater being installed today. I wonder if I should sauna? Finished #porplgs [purple ghost] in under 15 minutes just scanning 24 hours of tweets from a leading local [Malay language] daily, and one of compiled world news, which I vetted for balance earlier. The reason for 2 news sources is that local news typifies microeconomics and the other macro. Due to prevalent globalization, this is workable.

… Tonight, another installment of my Great Internet Novel #5. The bully telepaths have written out my whole story in all its permutations and piled it onto my head but it’s still my tale to write. I will come from the far future and the distant past in this night’s write, and mix a lot of timelines up with the various characters being interrogated by Dr Grett upon orders of the overlord queen while her mate, lord Jupiter, undergoes labors for his one love – the leader of the overlords, against Neptune, her husband. Sounds like a Greek fable but it should be entertaining.

… Fell asleep early last night and couldn’t write my novel installment. Had a nice hot bath this morning. Planning to do some shopping on Saturday. Meanwhile to work and exercise. Making some coffee. The government agencies are pushing hundreds of millions of minds onto me, not owning up to telepathy. Am I the elephant standing on a marble or a marble crushed by a tottering elephant? Most people buckle under the pressure. The easiest way is to “sauron” – put your power into a something you can buy again if it’s lost. I’m using a boonie hat that I like. So I dream of wearing it and it pushes me along – no magic, no sorcery, and the poor cotton hat gets stuck in mad people’s imaginations, not my poor body : )))


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