Getting hit by a lot of telepathy may make one shrivel up and ‘die’ but we live in the internet era – getting hit by a tennis ball will immediately take a selfie and tweet. So here is the missing manual to telepathy, from me: a clairvoyant. It may not be complete but I’ll work on it.

  • There are 4 powers in General Telepathy. Special Telepathy uses Satan. General telepathy uses the 4 winds of heaven. So it’s right some of you suspect it’s God fighting the Devil. The 4 winds of heaven can’t be controlled and neither can Satan [for the most part], but you can deflect both. There are 3 ways:
    • Trust in Christ. It’s hard to do but what you can do is trust in testimony of a believer. Sometimes we don’t have that experience but someone has and we trust her or him. Then pray by their name, to Christ. Remember in telepathy, God turns against you and so does the Devil – your hope is in a man – a perfect man – “Jesus” – so get out there and read blogs and pray
    • Trust in the Holy Spirit. It’s also hard because we are so sinful and the Spirit is holy but think of again, the testimony of others and fear, awestruck by the power of God. This will help _a lot_
    • Love. Even if it’s just a thing or a concept. Love covereth all sin. Even if it’s Pamela Anderson on a poster. Just feel that strength of your lifeblood and it’ll be better immediately.
  • There are 4 techniques in telepathy occurring from man’s logic. There are combo moves, using 2 or more techniques as there are combo powers below. They are _strong_ once mixed:
    • The pin down – twisting logic
    • The push up – false glory
    • The smoke – telling a lie behind your back
    • The mirror – impersonation
  • There are also 4 weapons in telepathy, all from the 4 techniques above:
    • the mental / astral projection
    • the maser – bouncing powers until they burst forth
    • telekinesis
    • future sensing

That’s all to it. Easy, huh? But in so many decades nobody has succeeded in toppling the government agencies. So take it slow and just understand what we’re dealing with here. I’ll write more on this later – if I don’t die : / – and maybe telepathy will come – once again – under the control of the very intelligent and good. Like you and me ; )  Search my blog for “What a Feeling” to get some of my testimony.

… I lit up an altar just now and blessed my morning tea. The altar is a collection of objects that I love and admire, from friends and family. The incense is sandalwood – a healing wood, some salt [crystals] and a mint sweet [food], finally on top, my old business card. An altar is a maser of faith – giving strength and energy – faith that this end times makes hard to get.

I want to talk about a general Aikido you can do to turn away mixed telepathy powers and weapons. It’s also logical. Just count your breaths – keep a count of how often you breath in and out – it doesn’t matter if it’s not even near accurate. You’ll find it helps you concentrate on your work and wards off many evildoers. Do _not_ concentrate on your breathing or counting. Try it and see if you can function better.

… Heavy movements in the mindscape. We are using all powers against the Satanists and government forces. Could we be free this June?

Leaving the Earth says Stephen Hawking. Mind powers are critical in regulating our bodies for colonies on Mars and the Moon. Arthur C. Clarke knew that only androids could colonize hostile planets, and that life-giving worlds were few and far between. Interstellar micro probes and China’s new paired photon detector can help. but ultimately, survival depends on resurrection – bodies that don’t decay or depend on specific ecosystems. New bodies – new planets.

… My family has a habit of preventing Barbarians! I tied all my online purchases to the original inhabitants of Europe – the Barbarians. They stopped my Gilbert Barbarian football and my scooter. The scooter was a Barbarian invention – Hildebrand. They stopped my Leatherman – also a barbarian invention. I had wondered what they were doing, then they gave me 5 shits a day and installed an over large solar heater on the roof of our home. It’s curtains for us : /


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