It’s odd to think of yourself as abandoned. Jesus would run after all his lost lambs leaving the sheep to the wolves. This sheep is getting slaughtered with a katana. Meanwhile the other sheep are turning bad and the lost lamb has telepathy wants to climb a mountain. I don’t know if Jesus has sherpa training but you’ll die up there, lord! If someone doesn’t stop this runaway train, there’ll be no soul asylum. I say thumbs up, Yeshua and YHWH be a-cursed. We have no father. What did you do to my baptism and where’s my scooter?

… I’ve stopped my job on Twitter and will carry on here on WordPress. The stress levels from schizophrenics are unbearable in the long run. They purposely wear you down but the fight goes on – pulled out all the stops to fight criminals like these.

Daily #economic reading compiled with #porplgs

Popularity/revenue GDP

Fear and pressure borne racism, false patriotism snubs, infighting, giving in to poverty and depravity, poor fundamentals while tech diverges 45 degrees south, petrol unstable and muscle cars popular, the fight for electric is like god and the devil – POOR

Results /profit JOBS

We see fresh moves desirable tech, travel, and wheels, and better quality food products [read] but it can’t last – BUBBLE

Pleasure /growth GROWTH

Fresh new marriages and engagements, work out regimes of the stars pursuing body perfection – SOUND

Guilt /inflation INFLATION

Subdued but still apparent religious, racial guilt-vengeance. The IS blows up own mosque and citizens attacked not taking precautions. The dream is over and the pretend innocence – HIGH

Stinging /loving guilt BULLISHNESS

Bringing out OJ again. Juiced him enough or are they after a Cosby cocktail with white umbrellas? – UP


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