• Popularity/revenue GDP

Hidden knives behind the backs of politicians and citizens’ groups. There is seemingly no end to the intrigue and military chaos in Syria and Iraq now spreading through Asia and the South – VOLATILE

  • Results /profit JOBS

Walmart and Amazon, McDonalds, all tapping into luxury or perceived pampering, value added selling – BUBBLE

  • Pleasure /growth GROWTH

Celebrities and ageing. Everyone is on the bandwagon for youth formulas and high fashion, showing off, is still _in_ probably as the usual pluck before war – HIGH

  • Guilt /inflation INFLATION

Ignoring climate change while putting big bucks into rockets and ballistic missiles. Does Stephen Hawking dream of walking on Mars? There’s guilt here, or somewhere in the Ort Cloud, and it isn’t about burning coal or driving Mustangs – MODERATE

  • Stinging /loving guilt BULLISHNESS

The Carter trial is just the tip of “social irresponsibility networks” and what they mean for the iceberg of frosty apathy among millennials – HIGH


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