In the Analects of Elder Brother Yeap, yesterday was “The Window Shopper’s Dream Come True”, so I decided to go shopping at a nearby mall where they had a flea market, just before Id festival. I ended up buying only 3 things – a bar of cottage soap, a used jacket and a tin of ground coffee. I also had a Japanese meal of rice and miso soup. As I was looking over my spoils, I noticed that they were all prophetic! I haven’t finished analyzing all of it but the jacket was Troy Bros marketed for Japan. Troy is also known as Illium while the green clay in the goat’s milk soap is illite – a citizen of Illium. The coffee is steam ship brand. Helen of troy was rescued by ship. But where does the hostage come in? In my Gilbert rugby ball bought in Ramadhan – meaning bright hostage. The ball sits on a cardboard tee – pu er tea tastes like cardboard, and pu er means not hungry – the month of Ramadhan. My bicycle helmet is called Id. Originally Soldier but I scratched off some of the letters not aware why. Taking a hot bath with goat’s milk soap with green clay [Eve, Adam’s wife], isn’t that cooking a young goat in its mother’s milk? This is prophetic to the extreme but what can it all mean? : /


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