• Popularity/revenue GDP

The pressure is on the powerful and the accusations are “fraud”. When are they going to come clean that they are afraid of telepathy and its threats? Look at how their faces change! – RAMPING HIGH

  • Results /profit JOBS

It’s almost death in Europe for struggling economies in the east like Greece, and Turkey while France and Germany talk about the high life in a pollution free world – SOON SOCIALISM WILL TAKE HOLD

  • Pleasure /growth GROWTH

Johnny Depp brings his dogs into Australia. Does he think he’s flying the Black Pearl and why are budget carrier’s engines exploding all of a sudden? – POTENTIALLY HIGH

  • Guilt /inflation INFLATION

They bombed Colombia after the FARC gave up. Is this guilt or something that smells like it coming down from Washington? Who needs the drugs once their internationally sponsored civil war was closed down with the US’s little finger – HIGH

  • Stinging /loving guilt BULLISHNESS

The spotlight sure is on Prince Harry. He’s probably not very stingy but he sure has guilt tacked on. Is he quitting the security of the Royals to perpetrate more schemes or to save himself from their schemes? Loving guilt either way – HIGH


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