In part #4 we see humanity’s hope, Lord Lyre being tempted by the queen of the overlords while his father escapes by the skin of his teeth. What will unfold next?

The council chamber was located in the highest tower of the overlords’ Babylon enclave. There was no fear or anticipation of judgement except that hundreds of years of overlord rule had dulled sin, crime, and vengeance by drawing and playing them out with a code of honor and constrained bravery. Jeyp knew his fate before the formality as if many hearts had told him beforehand which indeed they did. Peace and security is gnosis. Gnosis, a union of the wills. Union, the perfection of conflict, being the vehicle of war, but a compassionate form of subjugation – the guarantor of peace and security and completer of gnosis. Thus the overlords crushed everything man once held sacred.

The overlord queen pulsed with passion. Esthre, wife of Jupiter was chained to her footstool and Jeyp, freshly healed from the fight, re-endowed with his manhood. He was naked for her to see while she was wrapped in scales as punishment. Lyre stood among the overlord youth watching as Dr Grett began the reconciliation. A birth has occurred, he said. Not of our doing. Nothing escapes the Mind. Nothing is trivial much less that a son has been born to Jupiter and come of age. He has known our queen and she is with child. The overlord queen was strange, sensual, alien yet alluringly beautiful. She had 3 wombs and 6 arms and legs. Her breasts were a perfection of succor and her 4 eyes bright as sunlight glinting off gold and sapphires. Dr Grett kneeled before her pulsing vulva with a cruelly shaped spike – like an upturned umbrella. That was how an overlord was delivered. Death awaited the timid, otherwise a birth was painless. How could it otherwise be, to a race in perfect compliance with the universe?

Lyre, your daughter Sandrah, he announced. Small, and still unsteady on her slim legs, the overlord hybrid heaved, covered in nutrient slime placenta. She ate greedily and watching her, Lyre began to engorge. She was beautiful and a piece of me, he thought in his mind. Take them to the garden, ordered the Lord High Comptroller. Jeyp stood still in time, watching Esthre. The high priestesses hissed, we know what you want. Esthre was unchained and she and Jeyp embraced. The irony of her chastity and his virility were enough to convince the jury who looked among themselves calmly. There was no adultery in the religion of the overlords. What is religion when everything a body can do is perfect? What you have made we always knew, said the High Comptroller. What you have made you do not fully understand. The man slaves fell to their knees and gave worship to the queen. If you can break the scales, she is yours, slave and leader, said Grett. Now take them to Jupiter and leave their ship in the gravity well. Jeyp clutched at his dagger. There are no surprises, Grett said, only the incomplete echoes of procedure we have always followed. Sandrah took Lyre’s hand, having molted within the hour. She was beautiful and her scales soft. Already she looked like a woman. The overlord queen watched expectantly as she ran her prickly palms up and down his bulging veined penis. The prophecy has come true, Grett thought. But how tenacious is the handing of a system to a dullard race, much less the stars, and how they may get in our way, who know no heart, having only instinct …


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