Some of you have been following my Great Internet Novel. It’s not all about lust and passion but a great way to learn how much your minds are worth and how they can be enslaved by lust and passion. Am I a modern day St. Paul? I didn’t ask to be, nor was I blinded on the road to Damascus by Jesus – I was given a third eye. And I urge you to take my message in these posts seriously. Remember when I said “God knows shit” and “Abraham was Dumb”? The Bible tells us everything in code – the code used for people who are good and stupid, wicked and clever – otherwise why give us a religion and why hide and seal and prophesy and trick and deceive and suppress the words of God? In fact, angels tell me that we may not see harvest this generation – the wicked and adulterous generation Jesus called us. Fire may sweep the earth, cleansing off the telepathy and the world repopulated sinless again. These are the words of God that came to me so treat each other with respect less we lose everything in vain. Remember what the Lord said – do not uproot bad people and bad people, do not kill your sustenance – the light [which is good] which the darkness understandeth not : /


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