• Popularity/revenue GDP

The arguments in Washington go on while in Colombia, wrangling over cocaine to fuel these vengeful people has caused another accident – NEGATIVE

  • Results /profit JOBS

Dealing with India and facing off with China. Negotiations look positive. We can see China buying and funding startups in the west while India supplies cheap manpower – FAIR

  • Pleasure /growth GROWTH

Especially with Jennifer Lawrence, we see a new brat pack of actors and celebrities probably as tattooed as they are decorated. Humble homely Hollywood -STEADY

  • Guilt /inflation INFLATION

Clampdowns of racism seem to be the order of the day, Cosby freed on community service. People handling their own problems -LOW

  • Stinging /loving guilt BULLISHNESS

People catching each other out in US politics, the checks and balances are working and in the UK, fast action is preventing a social debacle – NEGATIVE


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