I still can’t free my electric scooter from telepathy jail, undelivered since 16th June. It’s been 2 weeks and 2 days, so to fulfill urgent prophecy, I am getting a Tern folding bicycle for much more than I wanted to spend. I hope both don’t come together – then I’ll have to explain to mom and dad about it : o – the white rider must come!

Anyway, so I’m back, after being pressed off WordPress by the telepathy for over 5 days. I wonder if anyone missed me … I’ve bought my batik shirt and charcoaled my rubber plimsolls soles black, all ready for my interview about telepathy and schizophrenia. I can feel my time coming soon – when the world gives up pretending.

… Creepy and dangerous day. I was at OCBC Kuala Lumpur and a kind customer service rep authorised a big money transfer so I could buy my Tern folding bicycle. It’s really a money eater. On the wall by the guard stand was a dismantled racing bike in red and white livery. I used my rail concession card to save some cash, and used it for breakfast – some spirit drove me out of bed and on the train early. I even waited by a “River of Life” pool for an hour till the bank opened. It was drizzling and I was handed a huge wad of 50s. Walked the few hundred meters to Van’s Urban Bicycle – a converted bungalow down my street and picked up my bike. It seemed very odd counting 7500 RM in bundles of 20’s – took almost too long. I got the bike after they serviced it and it really has all the bells and whistles. Then tragedy struck – I fell off, scraping my knee – but with effort, and long arms, I saved the bike. Riding home, the danger became more apparent – somehow the bike felt heavy – more like riding a giant rolling snowball – bad analogy – I crashed into a neighbor’s flower bed, thankfully damaging nothing. The disc brakes were cool – not sure how to apply them so I pulsed and drew up to my house. After all the people jammed into me were thoroughly shaken by my terrible riding, I showered and looked over the bike – Immediately I moved the handlebars down and seatpost down too, then I moved the saddle backwards to the max. Now there’s some balance. Also figured out the Shimano gear set watching a youTube video. So I said the White Rider will ride – actually there’a a “turn eclipse satan” – Tern Eclipse S18. My bike is evil in August? so I folded it – it folds – and warded an evil eye at it till Sunday when God blesses cyclists.


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