I’ve been doing that for years now, since the telepathy took control of my “member” and tied it, I believe, to a woman somewhere. Maybe it’s just because I’m 40 now and stiffies are few and far between but going commando is great – I save 10 bucks on underwear every year and do less laundry too.

So I was out to charge up my PayPal card with some cash for a bicycle motion alarm and I got these cool Kappa shorts for 50% off at a factory outlet. I was stunned that the beer place or bar had disappeared from the Jaya 33 corner – so much indicates we’re going down economically. I remember when Eden disappeared – a great eatery and also Shakey’s Pizza – another icon of my childhood. Anyway, the Kappa shorts are pretty good for us commando goers – something like my jeans. Kappa is the sign of the world’s oldest society of women [in America] and also the mysterious first letter of a sequence that preceeds the Surah Mariam in the Qur’an which relates the birth of Jesus through the holy virgin Mary. Furthermore, when folded, the design on the shorts looks like an arrow [white rider’s bow], and their slim fit is good for cycling [rider’s horse] : o – yet another coincidence or synchronicity. Furthermore, I had been wearing a keffiyeh as a belt for my jeans, now I’ll mostly be wearing a kappa / kef – the Greek letter in Hebrew. My current thinking is that the Surah Mariam will be fulfilled as Jesus comes, in 5 steps [5 seals] with the sign given to me – the first seal broken: kef, ha, ya, ayin, sod.

Unfortunately, my ill fated scooter purchase is now coming at me. I wonder what I’ll do with 2 bikes : / Mom & Dad sure’ll have something to say.

… More signs of the end of the age. My turntable could be the scales of the black rider – the letter “Ya” or the “bent hand” – the angled tone arm which is continuously beaten back and forth by the spinning vinyl grooves. I had thought to buy another bike but I’d rather be the family disk jocky. Just like I had a bow in 2015, not knowing about the White Rider, I have a turntable not knowing about the Black Rider – now to get the prophetic record for dad’s birthday and complete task 3 and 4 [Ayin: Pale Rider]. Then to wait for the 5th seal, Sod, to break.

… Found out that vinyl records have a plasticizer which resembles the chemical compounds for oil and wine – it’s full of esters [wine fragrance] and is oily, also it’s made from mixing alcohols. “Do not damage the oil and wine”


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