My ill-fated electric scooter arrived just this afternoon and I don’t know how to re-assemble it right. Luckily we have internet. Anyway it resembles a sweet early model Vespa albeit with plastic bodywork. It was wrapped up like crazy and I sweated for half an hour getting it free from the box and only to discover it wasn’t fully assembled. Damn : ( I don’t read Chinese so I can’t say the brand or make of it but it looks cheap, no trouble from thieves and vandals. Also heavy so it won’t be stolen. I will ride this most of the time to the LRT and around PJ. Oh yes, and our roof is now officially leaking just outside my bedroom from the afternoon and morning rain. Explaining to mom and dad about the scooter after I bought the Tern folding bike was the hardest part. They took it quite well but Mom’s still semi traumatized. I survive another day!

… Planning to head out this morning on my scooter or bike but neither seem right [or are assembled : /] so I don’t know. Guess I’ll wait till later, walk to the station, and get my bike chain down at Amcorp – where I usually go, and eat some sashimi.

… The sashimi was good, especially with soy sauce and wasabi. Expensive though. I got a good thick bike cable lock. I think I’ll lock the frame at the fold – my bike folds in half. I also got Dad a premature birthday present – an LP by “Amen Corner”. This makes up the last 2 “efforts” – the black rider [ya] and the pale rider [ayin]. The LP is by Decca records. Decca is 10. Kef is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet and Kappa [my shorts brand] is it’s Greek name. Coincidences abounding.

… I finished thinking about “Sod” or “Saed” which means righteous, eternal, a tool for – and I believe it is the keffiyeh worn with the agal, mainly the agal which is all those things above. I mean, you wouldn’t wear an agal would you? Even an Arab in the West wouldn’t. Being shamed [Freudianly] shows that the black rings of camel hair are what they are, and frankly, I don’t want to wear one either. Souls under the altar, with their white robes – those ain’t me : /

… Bought a rear view mirror for my scooter but there’s nowhere to fix it on. I’ve finished connecting the testy brake cables and now just to tighten the loose steering column through a dedicated slot. By tomorrow, I can take it up and down our closed road. Too hot to work now. Just took a hose bath. Drank a Red Bull for energy, and ate some chicken rice. All morning, people tried to pull me down to sleep when I already had 6 hours – what gives?


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