I’m trying to earn some money before my trip abroad next year. Nothing will go easily when Li Lian [LiLiLi] is around but still, this lucky year for us dragon signs, I may stand a chance. I have a storehouse of ideas which I can use to get a couple grand at the very least. I’m thinking of something sexual-psychologically useful – like fidget spinners but in software.

… Hard at work on my animations. I opened a page on Weebly but it’s not live yet. It’s called EroticShapes and is designed to turn people on to making love again, without Viagra. Animations are powerful and subliminal, they don’t have to be graphic.

Going on a long walk every mid week up SS2 hill and into the town center. Also have to diet, taking just a coffee for breakfast, light lunch and moderate dinner – no snacks, just sipping tea. I’ve been pushed fat. Still haven’t completely assembled my electric scooter.

… I’ve more or less settled my scooter, my Nike shoe mod, my cutoff jeans edging – things that were annoying me for ages. Today I’m drawing the erotic shapes, animate them, then add the interactive code weekend. It should be easy: just Javascript on the JSON output by Spine Pro [animation studio] a startup product which I bought some years ago.

… Keeping to my diet. I already somehow have cellulite : o what gives? Washed my blue jeans cut off and roll-edged with shoelace.

… Had a good sleep. Was able to use the loo. Hand-washed my clothes and brushed. Previously my teeth had developed stains overnight, probably from the telepathy. Need to get a polishing toothpaste soon [running out of my Darlie expert fresh anyway]. Carting my Nike soles to the Jaya cobbler for new uppers.

… Failed to find a cobbler able to repair my shoes. Bought fresh supplies of SPF lotion, Dettol antiseptic, and new hi-tech toothbrush and toothpaste. My gums were badly infected and skin dried out, now they’re better again. I use the Dettol as a freshener spray for my jeans.

… Plans: according to my horoscope Jan ’18 is a bad month for travelling. Nov ’18 would be better. Hard to work on my diagrams while being “earmarked” for killing … the earmark left, 12:38 GMT+8. For some reason, many people came to kill me, even church members! Figuring out a way of making the “red shoes” seen by the Vatican.


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