Yes there are! The ancients practiced telepathy and in Atlantean times, the secrets of the mind and body were fully known. Here are the 4 basic laws of telepathy. You may wonder why nobody obeys them – well they made amendments a.k.a. machines to overcome the natural body reflex which would cause harm otherwise, or even death.

  • Two minds cannot come together naturally
  • Two hearts can come together naturally
  • Forming a chain of slaves [lesser or animal minds and hearts] is wrong
  • Going into a trance or dream to come together is wrong

Now these laws are just the bare bones. I’m sure you’ve seen massive movements in the mind and long chains or masers. These are kept up by suffering and directed by aliens etc. They are unclean and will not meet the Lord. These guys are plainly in the wrong and blasphemous, perverse, false teaching, hypocrites. Believe it or not, they knew the 4 laws and chose to disobey. Ever felt like you’ve been swindled? This is what it’s about.

… Teaching in the mind about the 5 major aspects of surviving telepathy. So here they are written down in black and white:

  • Depression / Oppression – Have a routine, and idols that worship you
  • Health / Inflamation – Take chili, tumeric, confess past sins to your pastor
  • Dissatisfaction / Irritation / Compulsion – Masturbate, have sex
  • Insomnia / Restlessness – take pills for it eg. Valium or Rivotril
  • Gert / Bloat / Constipation – take sweet potatoes, Eno, Espom Salts

As you can see, it’s not possible to get by by just thinking your way out. You have to spend money and buy good things; go out and meet good people, even if it’s only on Whatsapp or SMS; take mild medicines and tonics. BTW Epsom Salts should not be given to kids and dose is important so research it well. I took some this morning [half tablespoon] and it worked in under an hour.

Another thing I want to touch on is drugs. Many people caught by telepathy do drugs. Some of the worst drugs are cocaine based. Most do crack ’cause it’s cheap. How do you kick your crack habit? You can’t – but you can reduce it by 90%

  • When you take your crack, try running as far as you can until you feel tired, then stop. Don’t kill yourself. Just run like you can.
  • When you’re done running, you can take your crack, then climb – do the al-Qaeda monkey bars until your arms are spaghetti.
  • When you’ve climbed and run and you took your crack, you can masturbate. Don’t take crack unless you can run and climb then masturbate. It’s part psychological but it works. You should need less and less crack.

… Talking with the mind cleanup crews about prophecy – I realized nobody would say anything in public about seeing the future and why it sometimes goes wrong, yet is successful for others – people who don’t know the subject directly. Here is the low down:

  • Many clairvoyants saw a blonde woman in the president of America’s chair. Just recently Ivanka Trump took The Donald’s seat at the G20. Everyone thought the blond woman was Chelsea or Hillary Clinton. Amazing how generally we see things yet how precisely [not accurately but precisely] we give out judgments.
  • Sometimes we sense something about someone – usually our kids or relatives who are young and we take proactive action but their prophecy happens anyway. The truth is that life is simple and technology is complex. God wants us to learn life, not technology which has no value. Politeness, tolerance, patience – virtues over technology produce a skewed, almost sarcastic prophecy.

more on this later…


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