Woke up at 1:30am after taking 2 clonazepam sedatives. Must have slept for just 4 hours. Went downstairs. Mom was on the phone to UK talking to her aunt. I wolfed down some leftover fried noodles, took a hot shower and overcame the pushed-in constipation somehow. Made a cup of iced coffee. Planning to mod my Nike Vomeros today – the so called “bare foot shoe”. It has no upper, just a sole, barer than a Jap slipper. Decided to always wear a cloth girdle with my clothes. I have a yellow one and a red and white one.

… Skipping lunch today, as I had a full breakfast bought by Dad and Sis. Dieting is important. Fat isn’t cool. We are quelling the telepathy with standard agency techniques. The people involved are obviously not government approved : o The Nike mod isn’t going well. It will have to go into cold storage, waiting for the next 6 year cycle – 2020 just like my old eMac. The probable reason I’m now wearing a cloth girdle is because world war is on the cards and I must stand out as a community leader back home, someone who knows the Way.

… A bit of chaos this morning, in the mindscape. Hitting and complaining as Bar’ěnoš [Kong Yew Liew] is put on my father by the Americans. The Son of Man: a rogue schizophrenic with extreme guilt. I’ll try to psychoanalyze him soon but just to jot down these thoughts.

… Talking a bit about life and sacrifices while packing my bow and arrows and stocking my rucksack. There is uncertainty in the air. 2017 will see major changes by the end of the year. The telepath schizos can’t hold back the tide beyond the new year. Many believe in false Christianity. Once the fait accompli [scourging of Christ] was done with, there is no need to martyr, as a believer or a hopeful. To those who feel uncertain, read Ephesians 2:1-10 as a synopsis of the New Testament. And to those who are battling sin, read 1 Peter 1:13 – gird up the loins of your mind and count only your blessings from Jesus. Sure Pete thought he was living in the end times – Jesus never told them – and he was such a better leader ; )

… I’m canning EroticShapes for an easier way of making money. My spice rub recipe preparation for fish and poultry. For the adventurous, here it is in no particular portion.

  • Ground almonds
  • Lemon zest
  • pureed celery
  • Tabasco sauce
  • fresh peppercorns
  • – finally I add some vitamin E as preservative

Can be rubbed onto meat before pan frying or BBQ roasting.


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