Today’s lesson is Mathematics of the mind-body. Not many people know this and are committing errors in the mindscape. There are 3+1 critical things:

  • Seeing a vision and pushing for it to come true. This often doesn’t work because if the vision were for you, you would _not_ be able to see it. Pushing it on someone is also bogus because they sure could be it, but they will not ever see it if you push, so it will never happen! Then these goons hit you and try to go round the bush. They’ll keep going round and beating you until there’s nothing left because everything is in the center – the subconscious – which is why we see visions!
  • Impersonating a dead or reluctant person onto another person – surrogacy. This sometimes works very well provided the two people do not know each other and have never met. Once people meet, the mind becomes subconsciously afraid of “telling a lie” and seals up _over 50%_ of the things the impersonation was called for – lying often covers half or more of the truth due to some obscure religious factor.
  • Blaming one person for everything seems like a good idea until you realize that you need multiple surrogates for when he loos, brushes teeth, sleeps etc. Up to 12 surrogates have been used at one time in the history of modern telepathy, and the number of affected people was in the hundreds of thousands! They ask you to cut down the things you do every day and places you go. If you can’t cut it down, the number of surrogates factorializes 12! which is 479,001,600 people and the number of affected people – the _whole_ world. Talk about irony. If you cut down to just the basics it would still be a few hundred people, affecting millions. That’s enough to raise taxes in a small country or state.
  • Killing people you’ve hurt to feel safe. This is a complete fallacy. Committing a murder of a good person in front of everyone.  You might as well kill all good people. Pushing him to suicide? It will hurt every step of the way and people will remember just like the Chinese tradition of throwing rice dumplings into the river [in memory of a self-sacrificing imperial official] – hundreds of years and still going strong. People will do good deeds who are marked for death not debauch – yet even those arouse a lot of pity.

… Went out for a walk this morning. Traffic at 7 am was pretty heavy. Had an iced coffee and came straight home. May be a week before fresh funds come in and I can roam a bit more. Bought some archery accessories cheap from China.

… Ate chilies for vitamins and to restore my health. Really invaluable, the humble green “bird’s eye pepper” which you can grow from seed. Looking forward to the pale green and yellow orange ones from the kampungs which taste better. Most of our chilies come from Thailand and are a bit too hot and sharp. The telepathy is winding down and an angel told me to take it easy. I guess this is where I stop posting online and move on. Maybe in a couple of days : )

… I’m officially closing the blog today. This is all I have to say. Some things are still unfinished, some things are incomplete, but there are other fish to fry, beyond cyberspace. The synchronicity is that 17 July was the fall of the Bastille and the Iraq revolution of 1968 as well as the anniversary of MH17. I guess today, we put the past behind – the telepathy and schizophrenia and all that. Goodbye WordPress! T_T

… I now have 2 wonderful female sapphire hamsters and am working on my bow to cobble a great rest out of the mediocre Accura. Already made a better sight. Slung it onto my pack with a u-shaped cord around my cool cheapo stabilizer, over the notch serving and looped about the cable shaft.


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