Daily Economic Report


  • Popularity/revenue GDP

The arguments in Washington go on while in Colombia, wrangling over cocaine to fuel these vengeful people has caused another accident – NEGATIVE

  • Results /profit JOBS

Dealing with India and facing off with China. Negotiations look positive. We can see China buying and funding startups in the west while India supplies cheap manpower – FAIR

  • Pleasure /growth GROWTH

Especially with Jennifer Lawrence, we see a new brat pack of actors and celebrities probably as tattooed as they are decorated. Humble homely Hollywood -STEADY

  • Guilt /inflation INFLATION

Clampdowns of racism seem to be the order of the day, Cosby freed on community service. People handling their own problems -LOW

  • Stinging /loving guilt BULLISHNESS

People catching each other out in US politics, the checks and balances are working and in the UK, fast action is preventing a social debacle – NEGATIVE

There’s Good and Bad in Everyone

Some of you have been following my Great Internet Novel. It’s not all about lust and passion but a great way to learn how much your minds are worth and how they can be enslaved by lust and passion. Am I a modern day St. Paul? I didn’t ask to be, nor was I blinded on the road to Damascus by Jesus – I was given a third eye. And I urge you to take my message in these posts seriously. Remember when I said “God knows shit” and “Abraham was Dumb”? The Bible tells us everything in code – the code used for people who are good and stupid, wicked and clever – otherwise why give us a religion and why hide and seal and prophesy and trick and deceive and suppress the words of God? In fact, angels tell me that we may not see harvest this generation – the wicked and adulterous generation Jesus called us. Fire may sweep the earth, cleansing off the telepathy and the world repopulated sinless again. These are the words of God that came to me so treat each other with respect less we lose everything in vain. Remember what the Lord said – do not uproot bad people and bad people, do not kill your sustenance – the light [which is good] which the darkness understandeth not : /

My Great Internet Novel #5

In part #4 we see humanity’s hope, Lord Lyre being tempted by the queen of the overlords while his father escapes by the skin of his teeth. What will unfold next?

The council chamber was located in the highest tower of the overlords’ Babylon enclave. There was no fear or anticipation of judgement except that hundreds of years of overlord rule had dulled sin, crime, and vengeance by drawing and playing them out with a code of honor and constrained bravery. Jeyp knew his fate before the formality as if many hearts had told him beforehand which indeed they did. Peace and security is gnosis. Gnosis, a union of the wills. Union, the perfection of conflict, being the vehicle of war, but a compassionate form of subjugation – the guarantor of peace and security and completer of gnosis. Thus the overlords crushed everything man once held sacred.

The overlord queen pulsed with passion. Esthre, wife of Jupiter was chained to her footstool and Jeyp, freshly healed from the fight, re-endowed with his manhood. He was naked for her to see while she was wrapped in scales as punishment. Lyre stood among the overlord youth watching as Dr Grett began the reconciliation. A birth has occurred, he said. Not of our doing. Nothing escapes the Mind. Nothing is trivial much less that a son has been born to Jupiter and come of age. He has known our queen and she is with child. The overlord queen was strange, sensual, alien yet alluringly beautiful. She had 3 wombs and 6 arms and legs. Her breasts were a perfection of succor and her 4 eyes bright as sunlight glinting off gold and sapphires. Dr Grett kneeled before her pulsing vulva with a cruelly shaped spike – like an upturned umbrella. That was how an overlord was delivered. Death awaited the timid, otherwise a birth was painless. How could it otherwise be, to a race in perfect compliance with the universe?

Lyre, your daughter Sandrah, he announced. Small, and still unsteady on her slim legs, the overlord hybrid heaved, covered in nutrient slime placenta. She ate greedily and watching her, Lyre began to engorge. She was beautiful and a piece of me, he thought in his mind. Take them to the garden, ordered the Lord High Comptroller. Jeyp stood still in time, watching Esthre. The high priestesses hissed, we know what you want. Esthre was unchained and she and Jeyp embraced. The irony of her chastity and his virility were enough to convince the jury who looked among themselves calmly. There was no adultery in the religion of the overlords. What is religion when everything a body can do is perfect? What you have made we always knew, said the High Comptroller. What you have made you do not fully understand. The man slaves fell to their knees and gave worship to the queen. If you can break the scales, she is yours, slave and leader, said Grett. Now take them to Jupiter and leave their ship in the gravity well. Jeyp clutched at his dagger. There are no surprises, Grett said, only the incomplete echoes of procedure we have always followed. Sandrah took Lyre’s hand, having molted within the hour. She was beautiful and her scales soft. Already she looked like a woman. The overlord queen watched expectantly as she ran her prickly palms up and down his bulging veined penis. The prophecy has come true, Grett thought. But how tenacious is the handing of a system to a dullard race, much less the stars, and how they may get in our way, who know no heart, having only instinct …

Daily Economic Report


  • Popularity/revenue GDP

The pressure is on the powerful and the accusations are “fraud”. When are they going to come clean that they are afraid of telepathy and its threats? Look at how their faces change! – RAMPING HIGH

  • Results /profit JOBS

It’s almost death in Europe for struggling economies in the east like Greece, and Turkey while France and Germany talk about the high life in a pollution free world – SOON SOCIALISM WILL TAKE HOLD

  • Pleasure /growth GROWTH

Johnny Depp brings his dogs into Australia. Does he think he’s flying the Black Pearl and why are budget carrier’s engines exploding all of a sudden? – POTENTIALLY HIGH

  • Guilt /inflation INFLATION

They bombed Colombia after the FARC gave up. Is this guilt or something that smells like it coming down from Washington? Who needs the drugs once their internationally sponsored civil war was closed down with the US’s little finger – HIGH

  • Stinging /loving guilt BULLISHNESS

The spotlight sure is on Prince Harry. He’s probably not very stingy but he sure has guilt tacked on. Is he quitting the security of the Royals to perpetrate more schemes or to save himself from their schemes? Loving guilt either way – HIGH

My Secret Double Life

Maybe I’ve misplaced my super suit, because these days nobody listens to me. How many out there are living like crocodiles, floating like logs in the rivers of prophecy and eating peaceful creatures who came for their scheduled drink? I don’t know if these are the end times although it surely is within the birth pains [with the end yet to come]. My first instinct is to draw the telepathy out longer and longer until it matches up with the Tribulation events. People don’t learn by talking in each others’ heads but though harsh experiences on the _outside_.

The Window Shopper’s Dream Come True

In the Analects of Elder Brother Yeap, yesterday was “The Window Shopper’s Dream Come True”, so I decided to go shopping at a nearby mall where they had a flea market, just before Id festival. I ended up buying only 3 things – a bar of cottage soap, a used jacket and a tin of ground coffee. I also had a Japanese meal of rice and miso soup. As I was looking over my spoils, I noticed that they were all prophetic! I haven’t finished analyzing all of it but the jacket was Troy Bros marketed for Japan. Troy is also known as Illium while the green clay in the goat’s milk soap is illite – a citizen of Illium. The coffee is steam ship brand. Helen of troy was rescued by ship. But where does the hostage come in? In my Gilbert rugby ball bought in Ramadhan – meaning bright hostage. The ball sits on a cardboard tee – pu er tea tastes like cardboard, and pu er means not hungry – the month of Ramadhan. My bicycle helmet is called Id. Originally Soldier but I scratched off some of the letters not aware why. Taking a hot bath with goat’s milk soap with green clay [Eve, Adam’s wife], isn’t that cooking a young goat in its mother’s milk? This is prophetic to the extreme but what can it all mean? : /

The Ear of the Dog

Talk about a muzzle on that slander filtering into people around me through Li Lian or Li’l Lee [666]. When the year of the dog comes in 2018, we’ll sure have a lot to say about the 20 canines her family abused, pushed into sin, and killed cruelly.

Just yesterday, the Father in Heaven opened the doors to his temple and many prayers were given up. The first seal is broken and the white rider is told to come. By June it is clear, by December it is finished – the world will know the power of the most high. I prayed for my brave pastor who is under telepathic attack.

Daily Economic Report


  • Popularity/revenue GDP

Hidden knives behind the backs of politicians and citizens’ groups. There is seemingly no end to the intrigue and military chaos in Syria and Iraq now spreading through Asia and the South – VOLATILE

  • Results /profit JOBS

Walmart and Amazon, McDonalds, all tapping into luxury or perceived pampering, value added selling – BUBBLE

  • Pleasure /growth GROWTH

Celebrities and ageing. Everyone is on the bandwagon for youth formulas and high fashion, showing off, is still _in_ probably as the usual pluck before war – HIGH

  • Guilt /inflation INFLATION

Ignoring climate change while putting big bucks into rockets and ballistic missiles. Does Stephen Hawking dream of walking on Mars? There’s guilt here, or somewhere in the Ort Cloud, and it isn’t about burning coal or driving Mustangs – MODERATE

  • Stinging /loving guilt BULLISHNESS

The Carter trial is just the tip of “social irresponsibility networks” and what they mean for the iceberg of frosty apathy among millennials – HIGH

Sayonara Jesus Christ!

It’s odd to think of yourself as abandoned. Jesus would run after all his lost lambs leaving the sheep to the wolves. This sheep is getting slaughtered with a katana. Meanwhile the other sheep are turning bad and the lost lamb has telepathy wants to climb a mountain. I don’t know if Jesus has sherpa training but you’ll die up there, lord! If someone doesn’t stop this runaway train, there’ll be no soul asylum. I say thumbs up, Yeshua and YHWH be a-cursed. We have no father. What did you do to my baptism and where’s my scooter?

… I’ve stopped my job on Twitter and will carry on here on WordPress. The stress levels from schizophrenics are unbearable in the long run. They purposely wear you down but the fight goes on – pulled out all the stops to fight criminals like these.

Daily #economic reading compiled with #porplgs

Popularity/revenue GDP

Fear and pressure borne racism, false patriotism snubs, infighting, giving in to poverty and depravity, poor fundamentals while tech diverges 45 degrees south, petrol unstable and muscle cars popular, the fight for electric is like god and the devil – POOR

Results /profit JOBS

We see fresh moves desirable tech, travel, and wheels, and better quality food products [read amazon.com] but it can’t last – BUBBLE

Pleasure /growth GROWTH

Fresh new marriages and engagements, work out regimes of the stars pursuing body perfection – SOUND

Guilt /inflation INFLATION

Subdued but still apparent religious, racial guilt-vengeance. The IS blows up own mosque and citizens attacked not taking precautions. The dream is over and the pretend innocence – HIGH

Stinging /loving guilt BULLISHNESS

Bringing out OJ again. Juiced him enough or are they after a Cosby cocktail with white umbrellas? – UP

Telepathy: The Missing Manual

Getting hit by a lot of telepathy may make one shrivel up and ‘die’ but we live in the internet era – getting hit by a tennis ball will immediately take a selfie and tweet. So here is the missing manual to telepathy, from me: a clairvoyant. It may not be complete but I’ll work on it.

  • There are 4 powers in General Telepathy. Special Telepathy uses Satan. General telepathy uses the 4 winds of heaven. So it’s right some of you suspect it’s God fighting the Devil. The 4 winds of heaven can’t be controlled and neither can Satan [for the most part], but you can deflect both. There are 3 ways:
    • Trust in Christ. It’s hard to do but what you can do is trust in testimony of a believer. Sometimes we don’t have that experience but someone has and we trust her or him. Then pray by their name, to Christ. Remember in telepathy, God turns against you and so does the Devil – your hope is in a man – a perfect man – “Jesus” – so get out there and read blogs and pray
    • Trust in the Holy Spirit. It’s also hard because we are so sinful and the Spirit is holy but think of again, the testimony of others and fear, awestruck by the power of God. This will help _a lot_
    • Love. Even if it’s just a thing or a concept. Love covereth all sin. Even if it’s Pamela Anderson on a poster. Just feel that strength of your lifeblood and it’ll be better immediately.
  • There are 4 techniques in telepathy occurring from man’s logic. There are combo moves, using 2 or more techniques as there are combo powers below. They are _strong_ once mixed:
    • The pin down – twisting logic
    • The push up – false glory
    • The smoke – telling a lie behind your back
    • The mirror – impersonation
  • There are also 4 weapons in telepathy, all from the 4 techniques above:
    • the mental / astral projection
    • the maser – bouncing powers until they burst forth
    • telekinesis
    • future sensing

That’s all to it. Easy, huh? But in so many decades nobody has succeeded in toppling the government agencies. So take it slow and just understand what we’re dealing with here. I’ll write more on this later – if I don’t die : / – and maybe telepathy will come – once again – under the control of the very intelligent and good. Like you and me ; ) ┬áSearch my blog for “What a Feeling” to get some of my testimony.

… I lit up an altar just now and blessed my morning tea. The altar is a collection of objects that I love and admire, from friends and family. The incense is sandalwood – a healing wood, some salt [crystals] and a mint sweet [food], finally on top, my old business card. An altar is a maser of faith – giving strength and energy – faith that this end times makes hard to get.

I want to talk about a general Aikido you can do to turn away mixed telepathy powers and weapons. It’s also logical. Just count your breaths – keep a count of how often you breath in and out – it doesn’t matter if it’s not even near accurate. You’ll find it helps you concentrate on your work and wards off many evildoers. Do _not_ concentrate on your breathing or counting. Try it and see if you can function better.

… Heavy movements in the mindscape. We are using all powers against the Satanists and government forces. Could we be free this June?

Leaving the Earth┬ásays Stephen Hawking. Mind powers are critical in regulating our bodies for colonies on Mars and the Moon. Arthur C. Clarke knew that only androids could colonize hostile planets, and that life-giving worlds were few and far between. Interstellar micro probes and China’s new paired photon detector can help. but ultimately, survival depends on resurrection – bodies that don’t decay or depend on specific ecosystems. New bodies – new planets.

… My family has a habit of preventing Barbarians! I tied all my online purchases to the original inhabitants of Europe – the Barbarians. They stopped my Gilbert Barbarian football and my scooter. The scooter was a Barbarian invention – Hildebrand. They stopped my Leatherman – also a barbarian invention. I had wondered what they were doing, then they gave me 5 shits a day and installed an over large solar heater on the roof of our home. It’s curtains for us : /