All Dressed Up

As I went through yesterday, and through today so far, I realized that I am all dressed up with nowhere much to go. Jesus once told me clothes are your beliefs. How you want others to see you and what you think your ideal self is – those are your dress choices!

I had bought numerous clothes but Jesus only approved of one set – the rest are not important. And I wondered if that cuts me off from places I should be. What is the analogy of “place to go”? Salvation? Temptation? Well, after some thinking, I found that a place to go means a calling – a reason – a directive [from upon high]. I have no prophecy to fulfill beyond maybe educating a few grown men and women here on WordPress – should I hashtag that ; ) but still it’s nice to be somewhere, and being too dumb to follow my nose, maybe I should be dragged by my garish attire. It would be interesting to see how I’m treated – usually with some exclamation. What hearts you set afire with your beliefs is evangelism without intrusion. Interesting?

… My scooter isn’t here yet. There’s definitely telepathy involved. I had a vision of men in black suits inspecting my ride and putting hexes on it. But then the hex peeled free, floating above, zapping several homes and businesses in Batu Caves before drifting east past Bentong today towards Kuantan. What are our bomoh doing? I also found out that people selling things in these end times observe the 8 laws of business – at least for Chinese sellers. I have 7 so far. Does that mean I can expect my item … : /

  • Rapport with seller – same basic upbringing
  • Not liking to show off – disgraces the product / seller
  • Being rich in the heart – bears risk
  • Being needy in the pocket – indebted
  • Behaving politely – same culture
  • Respecting  your country – who rents the land
  • Naturally careful – not reckless / a danger man
  • ? – it’s “how I eat / grab stuff” – I joined a life journey meditation event last night

All these are seen through smoke and mirrors. YMMV : )

… Woke up before 2am this morning. Mom was watching the TV downstairs again. Washed and wore my dri-fit kit. Waiting for clothes to dry when you need them is anti-survival. Another thing is not having formal attire to gain access to a safe place, or rough clothes to break a sweat in; as well as something smart casual to be polite : )

… Found out that I can motivate myself out of the telepathy web of doing nothing. My body fitting Nike kit gets me exercising more regularly, and I’ve switched to a Twitter news feed for my economic analysis work. Scrolling my tweet stream is more intuitive than paging links and headlines. My learning mandarin is also better. I have a software notepad where I type out raw definitions, still looked up manually in a dictionary. I can now analyse whole sentences’ subtleties at a glance while interacting with the zhi.

My Great Internet Novel #4

In part #3, we saw that the overlord’s religion and man’s religion were at odds but can the invaders be repulsed? And will it stain the psyche of humanity forever?

It had been 16 years since the birth of the messiah, lord Jupiter. Prince Gppe had hoped to meet the young man, returning by clipper shuttle to Earth – to the temple of the Overlords, in New Babylonia – the garden city which half hung over the dry shrubland, out of the wispy clouds. His wife, he sent in advance to a penthouse in the upper walls, guarded by his most loyal knights. The subtle manipulations of human genetics – to bring out the reptilian brain and the aquatic nature of man, how would these manifest in young lord Jupiter? Would he have the logic to lead and seed worthy of their queen? Gppe’s thoughts as he lay in stately stasis as the shuttle glided past Mars.

The Lord High Comptroller hovered above the slim, naked and quivering young man. He placed his thick palm on his newly laser shaven head and christened him Lord Lyr, born of Queen Esthre, wife of Prince Gppe, the King of Jupiter. Sweat flowed down Lyr, and somehow his eyes were watering. Kym, high priestess of the queen looked on expectantly, her serpentine form writhing sensually. They caught your father and castrated him, she hissed, No! lyr exclaimed, Never! What are your traits? – she circled the defeated Lord of Jupiter – reveal them to me, the high priestess produced a small pink orb which began to talk to his inner mind. Duel with me, son of man. Show me your scales! The voice of the overlord queen. Are you here? He asked, afraid. Where is my father? Where is my mother? Did you think we would commit such a mistake except on purpose? the queen laughed. Now come to the doors and see what I am. Kym withdrew the orb and the Comptroller lifted his fingers from Lyr’s head. He stumbled forth, weak and tired from interrogation after interrogation. The double doors to the queen’s chamber swung apart and he saw her comely silhouette veiled in vapor and beaded nets. Come, she said, look at me and do as your heart tells you. Kym and the other priestesses formed a circle as Lyr stumbled towards the gel throne. Strands of thick goo covered the queen’s nest and her transulcent scaled body, like spider silk stretched and drawn from her nipples and vagina. He took her secretions and tasted them – it was like cotton candy – in his mind, he knew her seduction, but the law – the constant far away throbbing of the priestesses’ ponderous minds lured him towards her embrace. Just like your father, like every man we make, she said to herself.

Jeyp felt no pain. No loss. A small hole remained though which he could still urinate but not even a scar was left to show he was once a man. He felt happy and free, one like all the others. He prayed – he had once the sin of pride, of looking at other men in an unacceptable, superior way. He praised the overlord god and their queen. Make me one again with your flesh, he pleaded, with your slow, loving, hearts. Take me over, I was wrong, so wrong … he did not almost hear the unsheathing of a long dagger behind him. Is it time? No, it was 2 daggers. The overlord Gppe stood behind his knelt form. This one cut you off, said the reptilian prince. Now take the other and strike me down. The daggers were a foot and a half long and forked like their makers’ tongues. They were large beings, moving deliberately and gracefully with strength, unlike the feeble jerking and twitching of men, but Jeyp had an advantage – he was a mine suiter. The daggers interlocked, twisting free, grinding sparks along their rare alloy edges. Gppe shoved Jype around with a swing of his arm. Preternaturally, the newly castrated slave spun the long dagger behind his back deflecting the strong thrust which nevertheless slashed his side. Ahh! he gasped falling to his knees. Another strike towards his throat. Jype blocked with both hands on the blade. He crumpled to the floor but twisted free stabbing out at Gppe’s ankle. The forked tip drawing a spurt of overlord blood. Gppe laughed. A worthy fighter. Doctors attended to them both pulling them apart. Such was the law of battle. It is fair to end a fight until the life blood is drawn on both sides. It is unfair to lose, unfair to submit, unfair to pull ones’ punches for the body decides and the heart is stronger than the mind. It forgives, by the blood it pumps, by the lust of battle. You have won something you lost, Gppe limped out the chamber. Jype pressed on the double cuts on his ribs, heaving heavily.


I am wearing my keffiyeh with my cutoff jeans and scaly green sleeveless tee again. After some time of belting up with a saffron sash, I decided to be brave and do the thing that Jesus was proud of – confronting the Islam issue. I went out like this, this morning, after an hour of disciplined work and exercise, and got a generic bmx style sports helmet, cheapish. Knocking it with my fists, I can feel it optimally protects side impacts, or grazes, not smashing headlong or backwards into a hard object. As luck would have it, my supplier of electric scooters is out of stock – just like the rugby barbarian ball, the Ninebot One, and the Leatherman Squirt multitool. I don’t know if someone is screwing my purchases or if business is on a tightrope for some folk, but I should be able to go electric next week. In fact, on Monday, I have to be at Tropicana by late afternoon. I guess I’ll have to walk.

… Reading the news. Fed interest rate hikes and Trump’s jobs for everyone. Both are doing the same thing – cutting debt while pursuing their objectives. Many years ago, I wrote [elsewhere] that debt was the main problem in America. If debt is cut appreciably, then wages and employment get a boost from higher interest rates. This strategy doesn’t work everywhere but in America, the land of opportunity, dragging the world along with great strides, and effectively taxing the very rich and smart seem like a good idea : /

… Mind powers gathered from America, asking about prophecy. My family wants and seems to know that it is in the things I buy. I told them, prophecy is more in the mind and body than in goods – in fact more in services – than things people buy, or possess. But anyway, I told them the 5 prophetic things I have, pertaining to my life:

  • A pair of safety glasses, sharpie marked – a “second sight” or 3rd eye aid
  • A loincloth – my garment during the prophetic time
  • A cheap rugby ball – the game people like me will play in prophetic times
  • A big mug – to take food, stimulant drinks, or rations from in my group family
  • And finally, charcoal sticks and grey pastels – to sketch a lover or friend

In effect, I don’t need any of these things – they will be given. Having them in advance is nice as I am suffering from telepathy still occasionally. None are expensive, costing about 60 USD in total. But those days are still many years away or so I reckon.

… Rethinking my pack and its items which I bought for survival. Remembering God said to travel light but that I bought many things in advance. Thinking of doing even less laundry – wearing sports attire, saving myself from weekly jeans and towel washes – by taking less baths every day.

… Sitting here in damp Nike dri-fits at 5am. They dry off up to 3 hours. May not go out as planned. Ate chilies and ramen for breakfast and drank coffee and tea. Short of doing drugs, msg, caffeine, and spiciness are my only comforts against the incessant telepathy. Managed to loo and exercise. Don’t feel like doing my tweeting job much anymore, under oppression of masers.

… Following on from the prophetic things, it’s odd that one would need a large cup. Surely these are cheap? How would I possibly not be given one? Maybe I join a rebellion and am fed by proxy? Why do I wear a loincloth? Right now I’m sitting at my PC in hi-tech fabrics. Maybe I work in a brothel or a harem : / And finally, I play rugby? Does everyone have to join a club in the end times? Curious notions. But I packed these up anyway, in lieu of more _useful_ things : / – possibly the trend starts with me : )

My Great Internet Novel #3

In part #2, the world of the overlords is described, their mysterious nature still leaves much to be revealed as hope is born to the rebellion.

Chantry danced within the crystal gel gardens, her brown skin unclothed, watched by the reptillian palace guards. Soft breezes of gauze-like mist tautened her breasts, her supple, perfect form rotating in low G for the eyes of the overlords. Prince Sppynne could resist himself no longer, his phallus articulated erect, gonads spilling heavily from their pouch. Grabbing her, he thrust his bony manhood into her, immediately ejaculating his impotent half-human seed deep within. Chantry gasped as he withdrew his angular penis bone, clasping at his tough, muscular skin. They kissed, both his tongues and razor sharp teeth arousing her animal instinct. This was god and he loved her.

Rules permeated the empire of the overlords. Rules based on logic and the capabilities of the body. Consensuality meant immediate gratification. Love was complete submission. Pleasure was the anticipation of love complete. Chantry held the prince’s retreating gonads preventing them from enclosing again as he shuddered with deep and powerful emotions. Worship by women was what they craved yet the arrival of their queen would soon lend purpose to the lose system of control the overlords had laid out. Sppynne knew his purpose – to be the genetic link that would fulfill their messianic religion. No more would their bodies be clad in scales, no more would they obey the rules of pleasure and no more would they enslave for the sake of beauty – the ultimate judgement. Pride coursed through the prince as he pulled her hand away and retracted his organs. You don’t know what you do, he told her, oversized man-like hands caressing her jawl pursed in pure love, his thick spaceworthy skin arousing the her inner beast. Why did she not understand the purity of sex – this race so young and oft renewed.

Why Jeyp? Why? Who is that, he whispered afraid. Welcome your son, a mighty warrior and prince of Jupiter. The dream faded like a rolled up poster as he sat up awake before the others. All dreams were from God – the ever more distant calling of the deity who once made man on the Earth. They knew, because His power failed upon the arrival of the overlords, who erase all man’s dreams and delighted in the lusts of women, though no woman was permitted to dream in an man – it was too erased. Far away, a voice called out – take the child from Gppe before he finds him and deliver him to Earth. There a throne awaits the Lord of Jupiter and there shall coalesce his power over this system. Jeyp fell to his knees and prayed. Deliver the boy from harm oh Lord, he is not spaceworthy and never will be. Save him from the covenant of the overlords. Shield him from the reptilian Prince. But the light was fast fading, beneath the thick leathery hides of the masters, and their slow but weighty thoughts – the dull urgency of their triple hearts which could stop and start beating on their own. Jeyp cried a silent cry. What have you done to us!

Rich or Poor, Who Cares? Just Do It!

Money, wealth, and success : uneasiness. concern. and loneliness
Poverty, charity, and labor of love : freedom. hope. and admiration

Man does not live by bread alone … we have all heard that but Jesus wouldn’t let his followers leave hungry. Is there a magic sweet spot or balance between the narrow gate that leads to the good life and one foot on the wide path to perdition? Think about being free of the ways of the world and what it means for your life, job and relationships.

I bought an electric scooter today. Woke up early and took a train to the bank hq in Kuala Lumpur. It’s crazy racking in thousands of ringgit a year and not spending half of it on a pair of decent wheels. I know dad bought me a budget metro car but is the freedom of a bike and the open road what really calls me? Let’s find out : )

My Great Internet Novel #2

From #1: The Queen of Jupiter is expecting the child of a Ring Mine slave while the Overlords of the outer planets were pointedly silent.

In the 8 and a half months it took to reach Saturn, the overlords were startled to find Jupiter’s Queen heavily pregnant. The shock of an impending new birth in the Earth system, of a high female mother, unlikely that of an overlord implanter, allowed Jeyp to slip past the guards, yet another balded and shaved slave miner in transit to the outer belt; while his lover claimed ignorance. We shall see, said the overlord doctor Grett, peeling his 3 fingered scaled hand from her telling bluge. It appears to be from a man, he later confided in the Lord High Comptroller who just nodded.

Jeyp and his mine crew were unloaded out the asteroid ship’s port, the behemoth of a vessel glided silently over the debris of Saturn’s inner rings. What was precious here wasn’t gold or palladium – metals had no purpose to the overlords, only biological material, from which to produce more mine slaves. An overlord could survive in space’s vacuum and when they grew old, their brains were pumped with chemicals and their organs gutted – these served as bio-controllable space suits for the miners. Thousands of years was the average lifespan of these lizard kings, who had been exploring space for millennia. Jeyp had been allowed his manhood as he controlled a female biosuit. Not many of those were in use or available and their purpose was to coordinate the mining. He smiled as the thick greasy flesh sealed around his stripped body – another day at work with the ‘wife’, as he and hundreds of others dropped onto the rings. He could feel his senses heightened, to sniff out proteins and DNA embedded in the dirty space ice.

The overlord of Jupiter, Prince Gppe, rotated the gel ball in his webbed hand. He could touch it so softly that the soft orb barely compressed. It was a sea creature – a form of shell-less crab that connected with overlords across the Earth System which it was programmed to do. Through fear, the overlords had achieved galaxy spanning telepathy without having to sacrifice their bodies and minds. Reading the incandescence of the agitated crab, he grew uneasy in his triple linked hearts. His wife was with child. Gppe wondered of the father – and he fantasized about implanting her himself. Indeed, it was the aim of the overlord priests that every human male look and feel the same way towards their masters, and though some left to breed, it would be regulated tightly. Meanwhile females existed for pleasure – they were highly amusing and almost overpowering to the overlord mind, weeded and reseeded, thousands of queens and princesses kept order over the male slaves while their daughters, duchesses and ladies played in spacious gardens, oblivious to the machinations of the princes.

The slave miners had a religion. It was one borne of idleness – a thing that sets in from the immeasurable duration of inactivity aboard ship after ship – to touch an alien creature and become one with it, to trust flesh against the harshness of space, and yet to survive. It was something the overlords expected and used to their advantage – that one day a breeding male might implant their Queen.

The caverns of the asteroid ships were like the catacombs once under Paris. Nobody knew how long they reached and all the twists and turns, over the upper chambers, the lower cesspools – nothing was wasted – the ultrasonic cry of space bats drew the enchanter from his stasis rest. He smiled, we have one, he wisped to the winged rodent. It was inevitable that the rule of the overlords would spawn a rebellion, that their benign hand would force it into an undercurrent – something they could control. To beget a human prince was a small victory. Moses, he wisped again, drawing from his vape device, the immortality drugs they secretly brewed from the overlord’s sewage. He had been living in torture for almost 800 years for this moment. The smoke permeated his raw and burning organs.

Inner Peace: What is it?

Jesus said I give you peace, but not as the world gives. What did he actually mean? In their context, we see Jesus about to leave the world, and to send the Holy Spirit to guide the apostles, telling them not to be afraid or worried. But in our context now, we are so often troubled and afraid, without peace, searching for solace in the world’s false [?] peace. What could the bible mean by this special “good feeling”?

My peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you. – John 14

The first clue is that Jesus is not of the world and it is His peace given to those who follow. The second clue is that Jesus leaves His peace with us before He gives it. How is that interpreted? My interpretation is that you do not have to be holy or good to receive Jesus’ peace as he simply _leaves_ it with us. We do not have to pay – it’s free – He _gives_ it to us. So why don’t people have peace? It is already within us but we feel different about ourselves than Jesus likes, so that our free peace is cut off. Do not waste your life with poor thoughts of yourself and your future, taking drugs or alcohol to dull the pain – you just dull the inner Christ image.

… Today is the last day of action in the mindscape against Li Lian. We must establish God’s dominion over the telepathic empire of this [evil] Semiramis archetype. We will be using 12th level powers – the breath of Christ, to subdue her once and for all. Preparing for it is somewhat like this above post teaches. We must find peace, then comes the weapon – the Spirit is like that.

… I bought an electric scooter. My first pair of wheels I owned myself. Only a few hundred USD and looks like the Vespa I admire. In the future, a lot of electric vehicles will be accommodated for. If there are a lot of gatherings in the months ahead, it should be worth it.

My Great Internet Novel #1

The rings of Saturn were beautiful – but deadly. Passage between Titan and Europa by asteroid ship was a turbulent one. Jeyp knelt before the Queen in his long loincloth, dew covering his bare muscles, from the cave system’s rushing, moist air. The still beating heart of a viper washed her whisky against the tall stemmed mini goblet. Take it, she commanded. He drank deeply as she let her fur robes fall.

Waking up from the powerful aphrodisiac drug, he felt stronger, still hard and pulsing urgently. The Queen’s stark nude body heaving under his arms as long fingernails gently scored his back once more accustomed to the lashes of the mines overlord, now aroused by Jupiter’s wife. Did it hurt? she asked. I don’t remember anymore, he said, turning over and sitting up. No one must find you here, she whispered urgently. He nodded, doing up his garment. What Jeyp had that many did not, he tucked neatly into the black synth linen. The Queen’s eyes dropped to her open vulva, overflowing with his freshly deposited sperm. From a dark corner of the chamber, nobody noticed a ship’s bat’s fluttery departure. Nothing is a secret for very long in deep space, though judgement takes time. Jeyp knew the fate of those who still could breed. Sex and immortality were concepts at odds, ever since the planet scorching of 2035, and the covenant of castration, but a child with the overlords she desired not, nor could they punish her.

… to be continued. Just piling on words with no real plan : )

That Empty Feeling

Some days ago, I chanced upon and decided to find out more – to plan my future over the week starting Monday. It was fun and initially surprising even, how everything fit but now it’s getting fidgety waiting for the days to come. I even youTubed fidget spinners – discovering that they’re sold off a lapsed design for disabled kids, they never got paid for inventing it. I wonder if everyone out there is also waiting for their “moment” in the sunshine. My neighbor, the insane Barneous, has been reading my future along with me and fighting me and the people I’d meet off it. I don’t know what to do offhand or even after light thinking, but I shudder to butt heads with the Son of Man of schizophrenia. I can’t believe they moved in next door and I never got to marry his Americanized sister, now tearing up the US telepathy scene – it was hard to find a proficient english-speaking girlfriend, coming home to Malaysia from Australia.

… Woke up just past 2am today. Tugging me back to bed and pulling me awake rattled my nerves. Had to take cold baths and eat chili to oust the possessors. Doing my tweeting – took almost 2 hours to gather the news for my economic #porplgs report. Somehow yesterday, I wound up cutting into Greece, but then again, Greek people took advantage of me while I was in university in UK. Is my ship coming in soon? Well, work in the mind has a long way to go before I / we can celebrate : /

… Checked my debit account and it’s almost empty. At least my newly cobbled sandals held up to the long walk. This sounds pretty pathetic but I walk almost everywhere in high end hiking sandals and bank with 2 banks, one local and one foreign. Is everything good? I don’t know – I haven’t held a full time job for years maybe never again until the world rolls over on its troubles. Tomorrow, my prophetic jump point, I won’t be out. Checking the ABY, this day was “The Uncle’s Birthday and the Bland Food”, a sutra about living life according to your [good] judgement, thinking you’re doing a great job, then – surprise, God springs one better on you! I didn’t see that today yet : /

To Be a Leader

Having someone you can look up to is important if you have inadequacies. This is pretty much preaching to the choir as everyone on WordPress, it seems, is a leader already. But starting off, I didn’t realise that so many people, even Westerners, needed moral support to do basic things like handle evil or wicked people they may meet in the mindscape.

Leadership isn’t being the most moral or the most sacrificial. Nor is it being the most smart, neither the most brave or charismatic. It is being the most loving.

Leadership is love acted out. Love is leadership from above or beyond the ordinary

I will touch on this later after it sinks in. Is Donald Trump a good leader? He often acts with love, if you didn’t catch that!

… In my experience, commanding forces in the mindscape, it’s vital to take responsibility for collateral. Fights occur all the time and nobody is 100% right or wrong. Sometimes unbelievably cruel blows and torture happen and you have to decide what to do. Patience is a key quality of a leader, as is decisive, measured action. Who do you see being dealt cruelty [the shoot of disobedience] and being patient yet decisive? POTUS? The meeting with Comey was a farce, with America unable to pay its government debts, falling prey to Russian [backed] terrorists, taking revenge for the Obama fist of power. How patient was Trump and how many presidents traveled so widely to gain support while Obama visited to pull trade deals? Who isn’t afraid to shield the US from collateral? Who is a good leader?